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Why your website needs SEO

Why your website needs SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is far more than the result of implementing various tactics to achieve higher rankings on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Over the past decade, its primary focus has shifted from realizing high rankings alone to achieving web business goals by supporting/ influencing conversions. While it remains true that this process begins by attracting site visitors specifically seeking a site’s goods/services, there are other ways besides the SERPs to accomplish this. Today, SEO has evolved to reflect the web’s exponential growth and competition across every industry. The chief benefits of SEO are its flexibility and ability to adapt to constant change to assist every business to achieve its individual goals. For that reason, among others, SEO is now, and for the foreseeable online future, more relevant than ever.


To remain in business, every web business still needs to be found. Google, still the major search engine, processes over 3.5 billion searches daily. SEO is and remains the best means of connecting with sufficient numbers of those searching the ‘net to gain traction for their site. Also, for almost a decade now, the expression ‘content is king’ has gained momentum. The theory here is that once on a given website, visitors must quickly find the information and products they came for. But that is not enough. SEO initiatives guide both the search engine bots to index site pages for rankings and overall site evaluation, as well as influence visitors to convert to customers/clients. So online business success is not just about a site being ‘found’ but having users convert to customers preferably sooner than later. An effective SEO strategy will accomplish both goals.



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